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AGL Table Group

AGL Table Group

A sculptural form, an efficient structure




Inviting and intelligent, Leon Ransmeier’s AGL Table Group exemplifies the Herman Miller Collection’s intent to provide newly commissioned designs with dynamic performance and timeless quality. Highly considered in shape, proportion, and scale, AGL minimizes material usage—an approach that draws from the efficiencies of aeronautical design.

Power needs are addressed in a solution that reflects a contemporary relationship with technology. An optional tray, which includes four simplex receptacles, conveniently pulls out from beneath the top surface and can be added or removed without comprising the visual integrity of the table. Many size and material options add to AGL’s suitability for use in any environment requiring an elegant surface.

Design Story

AGL’s versatility lies in its adaptable form and robust material offerings. Rising 29 inches from the floor—literally “Above Ground Level”—AGL affords a pleasurable space in the home for working or dining, serves as an elegant option for an executive desk, or as a large dining, meeting, or conference surface.

Anticipating guests’ needs

AGL excels as a surface for hosting people, whether they’re dining, meeting, or working together. To make people comfortable, the table’s designer incorporated a subtly tapered edge around the perimeter of every AGL surface. Set at a welcoming angle, the edge invites collaboration and encourages people to be at ease.