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Flo Monitor Arms

Flo Monitor Arms

Perfect monitor placement for every person, place, and posture

Everyone’s work needs are different, but the solution for a good-looking, good for you, and good for the environment monitor arm can be universal.




Easy installation and operation

Flo mounts easily to a variety of work surfaces in multiple ways. It offers a consistent solution to a dynamic workplace and workforce. With just a single adjustment point, it’s simple to set the optimum tension to hold your equipment, then simply repeat the weight setting on all workstations to cut installation time.

Multiple configurations

Flo works with most flat-panel monitors on the market, and the Flo family offers options to support a variety of equipment from a single monitor or laptop to as many as four devices. It’s also compatible with touchscreen monitors, letting you move the screen into a comfortable reading or touch position.

Versatile options

Whether you need to accommodate lightweight or heavy monitors, mount to a variety of surfaces, or expand to hold more equipment, the Flo family of solutions has you covered.

Eight illustrations showing multiple configurations of Flo Monitor Arms.

Options Available

A single monitor supported by a Flo Monitor Arm.


Side-by-side monitors supported by a Flo Dual Monitor Arm.

Flo Dual

A single-post Flo Monitor Arm capable of supporting up to four monitors or laptops.

Flo Modular

A single monitor supported by a heavy-duty version of the Flo Monitor Arm.

Flo Plus Single

Side-by-side monitors supported by a sturdy Flo Monitor Arm. Select to go to the Flo Plus Dual product page.

Flo Dual Plus

An adjustable Flo Monitor Arm designed for panel-mounted rail systems.

Flo Rail Tile Mount