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Taper Chair

Taper Chair

Taper Chair

The height of craft, the height of performance




Executive Performance

Taper’s award-winning design sets a new standard for ergonomic performance in an executive chair.

Actively Responsive

Dr. Walker studied hundreds of subjects to better understand what the seated human body needs to be strong and comfortable.

Empowering the Body

The complex contouring of Taper’s backrest focuses support for musculoskeletal balance, encouraging a powerful seated posture: hips rotated forward, spine curved in a natural S-shape, chest open, shoulders back.

Internal Suspension

Beneath the upholstered covering, Taper’s suspended seat uses SuperSeat technology to create a responsive surface, improving comfort and circulation.

Smart Moves

Taper uses a pair of adjustable carbon fiber leaf springs to control resistance for a smooth, balanced motion as the sitter reclines.

Considered Proportions

With a slender profile and balanced scale, the Taper Chair is visually clean, with every stitch exactly where it needs to be to welcome the body and please the eye.