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Daisyone Monitor Arms

Daisyone Monitor Arms

Puts people in control of their devices

The Daisyone multi-monitor arm is ideal for high-density environments with lightweight screens. A quick-release control makes installation and removal fast and easy when you’re ready to reconfigure.





Daisyone is value engineered to limit waste and expense when it’s time to scale up. Install one monitor support today, and with just a few extra components, you can hold up to three more on the same post.

Solid support

The solid support of Daisyone will keep screens in exactly the right place until you choose to move them again, helping you maintain your own perfect position, ease eye strain, and feel and work better every day.

Range of applications

This adaptable solution supports anywhere from a single monitor to as many as four screens on a single post. It mounts to a variety of surfaces and can be configured in either portrait or landscape orientation.

An illustration showing how a single Daisyone Monitor Arm post can support one, two, three, or four screens.