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Crosshatch Side Chair

Crosshatch Side Chair

Gently sculpted to accentuate the inherent beauty of its materials

The Crosshatch Side Chair brings minimalist refinement to interiors, with each element optimally fashioned to serve its function. The upholstered seat appears to float above its solid but lightweight wood frame. The intricate wood joinery and angled seat supports connect the design to the rest of the Crosshatch seating family.




Craft First

As designers who believe in the value of “authentic objects,” EOOS emphasized intricate, craftsman-level wood joinery in their Crosshatch Side Chair.

Function Focused

The design of the Crosshatch family of seating was guided by simplicity, refinement, and—above all—function.

A Chair That Fits

The Crosshatch Side Chair has a classic profile that suits well-appointed private offices or conference rooms.


View a sample of available dimensions.

Line drawing of a Crosshatch Side Chair, viewed from above at an angle.

Wood Back with Arms

Depth: 18″

Width: 23 ³⁄₄”

Overall Height: 30 ⁵⁄₈”

Seat Height: 18 ³⁄₈”

Arm Height: 26 ⁵⁄₈”


A Crosshatch Side Chair, viewed from behind at an angle to show how the upholstered seat seems to float.

Upholstered seat seems to “float”

Close-up of the curved wood backrest on a Crosshatch Side Chair, viewed from behind.

Curved wood backrest and intricate joinery

Side view of a wood Crosshatch Stool with a medium finish next to a front view of a Crosshatch lounge chair with off-white fabric.

Coordinating lounge chair and stool also available