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Canvas Metal Desk

Canvas Metal Desk

Workstations made for government, healthcare, and education

Canvas Metal Desk delivers a durable design that works both in an open plan or a private office. It gives organizations the opportunity to adapt as their needs and the people within it change.

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Stands the Test of Time

Canvas Metal Desk is constructed with steel, so it’s designed to withstand intense use from industries that put pressure on their furniture. It also exceeds the rigid quality and testing standards of both BIFMA and GSA.


Canvas Metal Desk’s place within the full Canvas Office Landscape family allows you to future-proof your space without sacrificing cohesion. It pairs easily with products like Canvas Wall, which creates privacy in an open plan, or Canvas Private Office for activities that require confidentiality.

Quality of Design

Clean lines and a unified aesthetic were key when we designed Canvas Metal Desk, so we chose materials that maintain the highest Herman Miller standards. With an eye to detail, every part and piece comes together smoothly, making this a visually appealing, functional addition to the workplace.


View a sample of available dimensions.

A line drawing of two Canvas Metal Desks with upper storage and a shared peninsula surface.


2 Workstations
Workstation size: 6′ x 6′
Total footprint: 15.5′ x 6′

A line drawing of a Canvas Metal Desk with upper storage and an extended surface.


Private Office
Total footprint: 6′ x 9′

A line drawing of two Canvas Metal Desks with upper and lower storage.


2 Workstations
Workstation size: 6′ x 2.5′
Total footprint: 18′ x 2.5′


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