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Antenna® Media Enclave

Antenna® Media Enclave

Antenna® Media Enclave




A shared screen solution for dynamic workspaces.

The Antenna Workspaces Media Enclave is a collaborative activity space for small group meetings of two to six participants using a TV or shared screen. Recognizing that technology has a life cycle of 18 to 24 months while furniture lasts much longer, Media Enclave is designed to engage with technology, rather than embed technology.

Media Enclave is pre-configured from standard Antenna big table components for ease of ordering and planning. Media Enclave kits include the table, optional end panel, and power. A Sapper Monitor Arm, specified separately, mounts to the center beam to discreetly manage display technology.

Key Benefits

SYNCHRONIZES FURNITURE AND TECHNOLOGY. Flexibility helps bridge the time gap between furniture and technology evolutions, supporting current technologies without limiting the ability to integrate new solutions – whether hardware or software based – as the market changes

SUPPORTS NEW WORK MODES. Furniture is a platform on which technology can help employees connect with each other, display and share information, and adapt to changing work processes

ACCESS TO POWER. Media Enclave can be powered by the standard Antenna four circuit power components, with up to 8 duplex outlets from a single point of supply, or by standard outlet strips stored in cable basket. Cable basket and hinged table top make wire management effective and discreet

NEUTRAL AESTHETIC. The Media Enclave is visually compatible with Antenna Workspaces and other Knoll systems and Activity Spaces products. With a large scope of standard finishes, top materials and accessories the Media Enclave works anywhere in the office

Environmental Certification

  • BIFMA level® certified
  • Available with an FSC® certified claim
  • Can contribute to achieving LEED® certification for Existing Buildings,
    Commercial Interiors and New Construction

Sustainable Design

  • Legs have 30-45% recycled content steel
  • Adhesives and finishes are virtually VOC-free
  • PVC-free
  • Fiberglass-free



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53.5″ 78″ 28.5″ 56″